Steps to Build Trust With a New Client

As many entrepreneurs know, trust is the best currency. In addition, it is trust in the brand that ensures sales in the long term, increases the average check, and attracts new customers from the circle of relatives and friends. So how do you build trust with a potential customer and foster a positive attitude towards the company among your existing customers?

Create a wave of reviews

If you don’t want to put the reins of your reputation solely in the hands of customers, you can help generate reviews about the company. You can use simple ways to generate testimonials, such as simply putting a call for it in the product box or offering a discount in exchange for the next purchase. There are also reputation management agencies, and they offer testimonial creation. For example,, whose experts contact your customers themselves to prepare a real review from a real person about your products or services.

Find out what people are saying about you

Before you start working on building the right image for your company, it’s worth determining a starting point. The easiest and most obvious way is to simply Google the brand name. This is what potential customers will do when they first encounter the brand. It is in the best interest of the company to have your website in the first lines of the search. This way you will become the main source of information about yourself. To do this, you need to optimize your pages, put the right keywords there and, of course, prepare the information.

Do not be lazy and check reviews on specialized sites. This analysis will not only allow you to familiarize yourself with the customer’s opinion about the brand but also determine the strengths and weaknesses of your product. And when they are identified, refine them. Trust is not an inflatable bubble, you can’t fool customers for longer, and that’s been proven by a lot of companies. The foundation of audience disposition is, first and foremost, a quality product. The second is good marketing.

Engage your customers’ friends

No matter how good your brand is, people will still be more willing to trust their friends than you. Use this to your advantage and create additional sales by attracting a close circle of your customers. Doing this is easier than it looks at first glance. If you’re selling any services or educational products, make the price for two lower than for one. Another option is to invest in building a community around your brand. For example, you create a private club that you can only get into by becoming a customer. And within the club, you offer various bonuses, discounts, and great deals for members and friends. That way you can unobtrusively spread the news about your product and engage your customers’ inner circles.

Show the product

Now is the time to discuss ways to build trust through company processes. And the first thing to do is to show the product in person. Provide lots of images, post the creation process, and add photos of satisfied users with your product. Video content is in the spotlight now, so it is not unreasonable to record a video about the product. Feel free to talk about the quality aspects, where you buy the raw materials, and how you monitor the level of production. With this approach, you won’t have to puzzle over how to interest the customer. If you’re passionate about your product, the audience can be passionate about you, too. People like what they understand and what they can present. It’s impossible to build trust in a product in the unknown, so make your product as clear to your audience as possible.