What Is Medical Billing Audit?

Medical billing audit is a method for reviewing and recommending enhancements to coding, billing, and documentation to prevent a third-party audit, identify under coding/over coding, and other discrepancies that might result in disciplinary action from third-party carriers, federal, state, or other regulatory agencies. A lot of medical billing companies like ParkMedicalBilling provide audit services for their clients. The audit reflects the status of a provider or the clinician based on staff putting information on the encounter. So, judging the encounter, you’ll determine whom you need to help educate to make sure you’re reimbursed fully. It will help reduce your denials. It will help in getting your revenue cycle to be on a more even path. So, even though we educate staff on how we want it to be done, we have to make sure that those pieces are being followed through because sometimes they fall through the crack. The Importance of Audits…Read More

Is CBD Legal in Colorado?

CBD is one of the most renowned and popular herbal chemicals in the world today. The extract has become incredibly popular ever since different studies have concluded that its proper consumption can bear many physical and mental health benefits. Earlier, its consumption was strictly banned, and the product was termed as illegal in almost all states of the United States of America. However, ever since these studies came forward, the product has been legalized in different USA states. CBD is now used in different forms and shapes. Most commonly, the compound is used in CBD Oils. These oils are a natural remedy for a variety of problems that will be discussed later on. CBD Oils are most famous in the state of Colorado. The hemp oil Colorado is considered one of the most effective herbal and natural remedies in the world today. What is CBD Oil?…Read More

The Basics of Juice Fasting

Any person who is into detoxification can use quite a number of methods depending on what they like. Some choose cold brew coffee with almond milk as it tastes better, is less acidic and impacts digestive system in a good way. The others choose juice fasting which is slowly gaining popularity as it gives important nutrients to your body while at the same time removing waste products and toxic substances. Restricting yourself to a juice fast is not one of the hardest things that can be done since it requires total commitment. This is due to the fact that your mind may tempt you into taking solid foods even though your body might be reluctant. If you trying juice fasting for the first time, it is recommended that you know more information concerning the basics. Reasons for Juice Fasting There are quite a number of advantages that can be found from using juice fasting as a method of detoxification. This method ensures that all wastes and toxins in your body are removed as the juice passes in your system. Juice fasting can also lead to weight loss as it plays…Read More