Ways To Grow Brand Transparency With Instagram

As social media has started reaching new heights of success, brands have started reaching out to followers, so their representation can achieve a boom. With so many brands on Instagram, people oftentimes feel that brand transparency is missing and that they are being misled. Through this article, we will be telling you some amazing ways through which you as being a blogger or the marketing manager of a company can ensure brand transparency.

Genuine followers

A brand leads nowhere if it has paid followers. A brand will never be able to reach transparency if it has paid any agency to increase its followers in no time. It is safe to say that this way you are deceiving your followers. You will never be able to reach the level of followers that will genuinely support you or allow your brand to reach new heights of success. In short, for your brand to reach new heights of success, all you need is organic followers on Instagram. Steadily growing genuine followers will give you the fruit of your labor.


Many brands are subjective to age, and this is what brands need to understand. Take the example of diapers or powdered milk for kids. It is meant to be for the kids, but the target audience is mothers. This way, you can safely say that you need to know how to start marketing to moms on social media.

– First of all, it is important to know that moms don’t have much time on hand, so whatever you put on social media should be precise and up to the mark. This is to say that lengthy talks or advertisements won’t do the job. It can be as simple as putting up a few pictures explaining what your product is about and how it will benefit little ones.

– Secondly, you should ensure that your response time is very effective. This means if moms drop a message to inquire about a product, it should be responded to swiftly.

– Also, you should make sure that the option to call and talk to one of your representatives should be available. As mentioned earlier, many moms may feel comfortable talking on call, so their service should also be available.


A well-reputed brand must consider giveaways to ensure what it is doing is not fake but genuine. Giveaways are a great way to prove it. This is to say that you should give a few products to your bloggers and ask them to give them to their valued and loyal followers. This way, people receiving the products will not only get the opportunity to test your products, but they will establish a strong footing about your brand being genuine. Also, word of mouth counts, and it matters a lot. People will tell about your brand to others and this way your following will increase too.


Brand transparency is a sensitive topic and something many brands are concerned about. What matters is genuine followers, and you should ensure they shouldn’t be paid or fake. Marketing your products to the target audience is also very important. Last but not the least, giveaways can give a huge bomb to your overall standing.