Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Publix

Since the year 1930, when Publix was founded, it has grown to be the world’s largest employee-owned company. The company specializes in the sale of groceries and baked foods and pays a lot of attention to the quality of its products and services. They constantly work on improving their customer’s experience through

Customers who shop here are likely to enjoy free delivery depending on the terms and services of the agreed goods. Did you know that 83% rank the store as one of the best stores in the National Quality Research annual index? This means the rank is among the best stores.

Interesting things you didn’t know about Publix

Average net sales

Publix stores made around 38.12 billion U.S. dollars in sales in the financial year that ended December 28, 2015. These sales figures have grown over the years since then, improving approximately 32.36 billion U.S. dollars in lastly 2019. Despite having competitors such as Whole Foods Market, Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter, and Kroger, the company has never dropped any of its employees due to its inability to sustain them.

Happy employees

Being an employee-owned company means that employees own shares in the company’s stock.  The shares are not publicly traded and managed according to the direction of the employee members.

Anyone who has been an employee at Publix and has worked for over 1,000 hours, receives a free company’s stock that is equal to about 8% to 12% of worker’s annual compensation. This results in very few people leaving the company to seek other jobs unless they retire. The associates quite contend that the employment rate in the company is 10%

Publix offers free medication

Since Publix Pharmacy’s free prescription drug program was launched in 2007, it offers 14-day supplies of selected antibiotics and 90-day supplies of some generic medications for hypertension and diabetes at no charge.

The store also offers free antibiotics such as amoxicillin, cephalexin, ciprofloxacin, sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, penicillin VK, ampicillin, and erythromycin most of which include children’s prescriptions.

Publix hires teens and younger employees

Did you know that a 14-year-old kid can be employed at Publix? This of course is with the parent’s consent and government regulations on working with minors. Minors work under supervision for four hours a day, for four to six days a week at maximum on off-school days.

The minors also perform less tedious work such as being cashiers or baggers. On average, their pay rate per hour is $10 per hour.

Publix merch

Are you the kind that loves having t-shirts, hoodies, or bags with your favorite store name or brand? Publix got you. The products look cute and can be used to show your love and loyalty to the store.

In conclusion, the store is quite an interesting place with a variety of goods at affordable prices and discounts after every two months. Make the store a frequent stop-over.