The Basics of Juice Fasting

Any person who is into detoxification can use quite a number of methods depending on what they like. Some choose cold brew coffee with almond milk as it tastes better, is less acidic and impacts digestive system in a good way. The others choose juice fasting which is slowly gaining popularity as it gives important nutrients to your body while at the same time removing waste products and toxic substances. Restricting yourself to a juice fast is not one of the hardest things that can be done since it requires total commitment. This is due to the fact that your mind may tempt you into taking solid foods even though your body might be reluctant. If you trying juice fasting for the first time, it is recommended that you know more information concerning the basics.

Reasons for Juice Fasting

There are quite a number of advantages that can be found from using juice fasting as a method of detoxification. This method ensures that all wastes and toxins in your body are removed as the juice passes in your system. Juice fasting can also lead to weight loss as it plays a role in

reducing the amount of water weight contained in your body. However, this method should not be completely relied upon if you are looking for the most effective way of losing weight.

Apart from cleaning your body, juice fasting is essential when it comes to supplying vital nutrients and minerals to your body. This is due to the fact that it increases your intake of vegetables and fruits thus boosting your energy levels and overall body weight.


Juice fasting has no time limit and can be done for as long as you desire. However, if you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you do it for 2-3 days before your body finally adapts to the new changes. Putting all you concentration in juice fasting may end up changing your lifestyle hence it sometimes becomes difficult to stop this habit. Once you decide to start on another juice fasting, you can increase the time limit to about one week. During this period, you should closely monitor the functioning of your body since you may start experiencing symptoms such as fainting and nausea.

How to Effectively Complete a Juice Fast

Completing a juice fast can sometimes be very difficult especially if you do not have a well laid out plan. This is because there are various obstacles that one needs to overcome before finally achieving the desired outcome. Some of the things that may make it difficult to complete a juice fasting include:

* Juice fasting may sometimes be expensive especially if you are running on a low budget.

* Getting the needed calories may prove to be hard.

* Juice fasting is exhaustive.

How to Break a Juice Fast

Breaking a juice fast is more difficult as compared to when you are starting it. This is because one has to force the body into using solid foods that were initially not consumed. It is advisable that you start eating small amount of food before finally changing into a full diet that can be easily handled by the digestive system of your body. Remember, the more time you spend in juice fasting the longer it will take for you to eat normal amounts of solid foods.