Inside Sales Agent (ISA) on Real Estate Teams

Competition in the real estate industry is practically on pins and needles. Most real estate companies or real estate sales teams generally have the same things to offer within specific areas. Not to mention dealing with the economy’s inflation, interest rates, fluctuating market value, and the usual supply and demand. But there are ways to get ahead of the competition: proper management, insightful marketing, innovative advertisements, and of course, hiring and training Inside Sales Agents (ISA). Behind every successful real estate company, there is an inside sales agent real estate team. Why is this so? Lead generation is very important in any sales-oriented industry, including that of real estate. That is why having a team of professional and driven inside sales agents (ISA) can increase potential sales tenfold. Inside sales agents (ISAs), previously called “telemarketers,” are skilled, trained and professional sales agents whose primary responsibility is to generate leads. Their objectives are to obtain the contact information and buying requirements of prospect clients, collate the information and store them within the company’s client database management system, and classify them according to viability. Either they themselves make the necessary follow-up calls…Read More