How to make the popular page on Instagram

People raise many questions on the mechanics they can use to become the featured page on every day. There are no guarantees to become popular but there are some characteristics of the images that make it off the popular pages, and we are going to share them here with you. The obvious conclusion on making your page to become popular is having more friends and more likes. Apart from the Instagram automation tools and services, below are the steps which can be helpful.

1 The account you are using should have been around for three months or more. When taking into account the time of images that should appear on the popular page, tenure is of great importance.

2 There should not be links that are external in the profile of the user except links that are for other social media sites unless the user account has more than 1000 users following. Having the 1000 users following is an arbitrary figure as there have been other photography websites we have seen receive websites with less. This move by Instagram is reasonable because they want to work against promoting spammy sites and accounts.

3 The user must also get more than 20% likes from the followers they have. This is obvious, but it may be hard for a user who has more than 1000 users following because they may be prone to be followed by accounts that are inactive or ghost accounts. This enables a level playing field to be made for the users who are famous and the less famous as using the number of likes may be unfair.

4 The image must also attract not less than 400 likes from other users that are not followers of the account as at that time. This requirement was made by Instagram so that people do not cheat their way to becoming a popular page by just having the people who follow them like their pictures but also other people who do not follow them. This gives them a signal that the picture is of high quality and also relevant and thus deserves to be on the first page. This feature can be achieved by the uses by using a hashtag or mentioning some famous users in their posts to ensure that their photos are seen by a large number of people that may be searching that type of image.

This means that the more a user uses popular hashtags, the more they are proper of hashtags the picture has should also be proportional to the number of likes the image is going to receive. This means that the more hashtags they get on their images will reflect in the number of likes on the image. This rule was placed by Instagram to ensure that people do not just use any popular hashtags to make their images popular.

5 The speed factor is one part of the algorithm that has had small changes. If a user gets more likes faster, they are more likely to become more popular faster compared to another user who gets likes slowly. To help with this strategy, the user must take into consideration the time they post the image.

These steps are proven to be of great help and will help in making your page popular. But the best advice still is to become consistent with having valuable information.

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