How to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram account and be left in awe? Do you also have an urge to grow your account and make more impact in the lives of those who follow you? How about you visit SimplyGram and make a great deal?

Make a followers’ plan

Have a strategy of where you would like to see your account grow within a speculated time frame.

If you aim at a 10% growth, this will enable you to know how far to work on your IG account.

It is equally important to approximate how much you can make if you want to grow a sales account, by knowing how many people you need to reach.

If you are using a personal account to make a living out of it, consider the potential clients that will approach you if they see a high number of followers on your account.

Create a targeted audience

Which type of content will attract the people you want to reach out to? A little boost from an account manager might be of help, simply visit SimplyGram.

What type of work do they do, in which age bracket do they fall, which types of posts do they like or share.

Knowing the audience to aim at is also important, as it will enable you to know the traffic to use.

This will also enable you to create content that will draw more followers to your Instagram account.

Use trending hashtags

How else can a lot of people talk about something that is of interest to them other than using hashtags on Instagram?

A trending hashtag means it is popular among a lot of people and the only way to join them is by using the same hashtag.

Several accounts will click on the accounts using the hashtag and if you have great interesting content, that is when you get new followers.

Relevant hashtags are like one big hall where people of the same interest gather. In there, one is likely to meet a new person that has the same interests as them.

Create an awesome profile

The first impression is so important that it will last beyond a moment. How well built is your profile? Do you describe adequately but in few words what you do or what your interests are?

A great bio will get people more interested in your content. Often someone would like to know what you have been posting on your page. If great, they are likely to follow you to find out what more you will post.

For example, if I am a make-up-artist and I want to purchase high-quality make-up products, once I see a profile that mentions five-star rated products, I will follow to find out what more products will be posted.

Post/share engaging content

Global data sharing data concept illustration of young people using mobile smartphone to share posts and news in social networks. Flat human hand holds smart phone to make repost of video and news

Did you know that more than 130 million people engage with posts on Instagram a month?

You can also create engaging content on your Insta stories by asking questions that need diversified answers, create voting polls, and inventing chat stickers.

Here, more people will engage with you one on one and 70% of those are likely to follow you. This is one of the easiest ways as the more people you engage with, the more followers you acquire.

Post consistently

Dwayne Johnson once said, “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

The more you post, the more people you reach and the more followers you get. If you appear on someone’s timeline a couple of times, they are likely to click on your profile to find out what more you offer.

In other words, they will follow you constantly to see what more you will post for them.

Growing an Instagram account has never been made this easy. All you need is a little help. Save your energy and visit SimplyGram.