How much does a hard drive cost?


Hard drives are essential tools in order to store and secure large amounts of data that you cannot store elsewhere. Your computers have limited memory space, which is taken up soon after you transfer the smallest amount of data into it. Hard drives make this situation easy and convenient for you as you can comfortably store your personal data in a hard drive which is solely under your ownership and you have complete rights over it. You do not have to trust other companies or cloud-storage places to keep your data, and you can easily keep your data safe in a hard drive. Hard drives serve a large majority of functions and help you in every way possible. Ensuring complete rights, control, and ability to handle the stored data as you wish, hard drives have thus made lives easier and many people are resorting back to the use of hard drives. Hard drives exist in different types, which are all efficient in their performance and function. For example, one of the best HDDs in its class is Seagate st2000lm007. Check it out if you need exceptional performance.

Cost of a Hard Drive

Hard drive manufacturers seem to be in a race, as all these companies are efficiently producing hard drives that can be relied upon and trusted easily. Toshiba, Seagate, and HGST are some of the most popular companies. When you go to purchase the hard drive, you will face a dilemma as all the drives appear to be similar and then it is only up to your discretion to decide which drive’s features are most suited to your liking. This can be a difficult task to do, hence the wisest thing to do is to judge the hard drive with regards to its price. Price is a determinant that makes a difference to almost everyone, thus deciding upon a hard drive worth the price and the quality is important.

The cost of a hard drive varies with the capacity that it possesses. Normal hard drives are priced at almost $0.07 per GB. However, as you keep increasing the storage capacity, some drives will reduce in price per GB and they become more affordable. However, this varies company to company as other companies may not have hard drives that decline in price with increasing space. Usually, the price ranges from $49 and can range up to $300, according to space. An 8 TB hard disk would be the most expensive.

The price of the hard drives is thus an important determinant to keep in mind whilst making the purchase.


However, it can be concluded that hard drives are an extremely important tool to securely store all your data. It is not expensive as it is priced only according to the storage space that it offers. Some brands decline the price as the storage increases whereas other brands increase the price with greater storage. It is all up to the discretion of the user to decide whichever hard drive he wants to purchase.