How Do I Make My Instagram Grow Faster?

With the increasing influence that social media has on almost every sphere of life, businesses and people feel the pressure of increasing the number of followers and likes on your account. And that’s why most people have moved to boosting posts and promoting their content through the Instagram growth service. While this may be a faster way to get said followers, is it the long-term approach to use for your business? How maintainable is it? A more surefire way is through organic Instagram growth strategies which will be outlined in the reading below. Scroll down and enjoy a substantial increase in the growth of your Instagram account.

Stick to your lane

To be a successful hit on Instagram, you must be following a particular line of content. We could call it a niche in the particular industry you are in. One of the best strategies is to follow (like, share, or leave a comment) on the photos and videos of industry leaders in your particular niche. The goal of this strategy is to put your name out there; for your name to be considered synonymous with that particular niche. As you do this, you will find that your account will slowly be discovered by new users. You are on the road to becoming an Instagram hit!

Bring out your thinking cap

You must have realized that almost all content on Instagram is accompanied by a hashtag. It is one surefire method of getting instant recognition in any field. It goes without saying that for a hashtag to serve its purpose it must be unique and be able to relate to current trends and topics. Create your own hashtag that meets the criteria above and post it next to your new photos and videos. Once people start using it, make sure to share their posts, and likes to generate some talk around it.

Ready, Set, Go!

Who doesn’t love a good competition? With the possibility of winning an award or a prize? Instagram users definitely fit the bill. To gain more followers, try to run a contest on your account. Another good thing about contests on Instagram, they keep people interested and engaged to your account.

At the end of the contest, make sure to reward the winner with the promised prize. It wouldn’t hurt if the prize is merchandise that is branded with the logo or brand of your company. And remember, ask them to post a photo or video once they get their prizes. Also, if you lack ideas or capacity, try collaborating with other Instagrammers who will help and give you some tips here and there.

Graphs and charts

A bit of analysis and research will go a long way to a successful Instagram account. Your audience is your client. You must know what they are interested in and keep ahead of the curve at all times. This ensures that your audience looks up to you at all times.