Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing and advertising of any form have changed since the invention of the internet. Companies and brands have had to consider how to put their goods and services online and maintain a steady online presence. Healthcare and the medical industry did not escape from the advancement of technology and the internet.

With the pandemic upon us, we are on the cusp of a new change in marketing trends, especially in the healthcare industry, as physicians and patients are leaning more on the convenience and ease of technology.

For those looking to achieve and maintain a new set of patients through their online presence, we have compiled this article. As we enter the New Year, be sure to implement any of the following healthcare marketing trends.

The use of Telehealth

Before the pandemic, there was little or no use of Telehealth services in clinics and hospitals. There were some experts in the industry who had even hypothesized that due to the low uptake of Telehealth, the new system would die a natural death. This was not to be the case.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, patients and medical facilities increased their requests for Telehealth services. Patients were shying away from in-person visits to the hospitals due to the increased risk of contracting the disease. Within that short time, patients became quickly acclimatized to the convenience and use of its services.

What also has boosted its reception is the incorporation of legislation. Insurance companies and other third-party service providers are able to make ends meet through the use of Telehealth services in clinics and hospitals.

Customized and personalized services

From the research into the subject topic, there is an opinion that most patients will be looking forward to personalized services and care in 2022. It is an effect of the pandemic as doctors and other service providers sought to maintain their hold on patients.

Personalization in your medical practice can be enhanced by the use of patient portal websites and mobile applications. Each patient will be provided with personal log-ins to access the portal. Through the portal, they will be able to book appointments, refer to their prescriptions and gain access to education content.

Patient-centric SEO

In times of panic and frustration, people turn to a place of safety and information. That place for many is the internet. As people were driven by fear of infection and death (for some), they took matters into their own hands by making inquiries through Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Their actions revealed a lack of content by health providers. Medical practices need to create SEO-optimized web pages and content that allow patients to get quality and sound advice. Such content also serves as a marketing and branding tool.


This is another healthcare digital marketing trend that is bound to take the industry by storm next year.

More and more people have seen the light; they are now cognizant of the frailty of their lives and are now willing to spend more to get quality healthcare experiences. By providing medical care that is accessible, transparent, and personalized, medical facilities can stand out from the competition and be able to serve more patients.