Delete or Deactivate – What to Do With Your Old Accounts

There are many reasons why you may want to deactivate or possibly delete an old Instagram account. Instagram might have taken its toll on you both mentally and physically and you want to take a break. Another possible reason is the change in business goals. Whatever the reason, you have made up your mind but are still torn between these two options – delete or deactivate. To guide you on this choice, this article will offer you all the information you need to help you make the best choice.

With regards to how to deactivate an Instagram account or delete one, that we will be handled in a different article. That said, why don’t we dive in?


Certain consequences come as a result of deleting or deactivating your account. Some which are positive and some which are negative, depending on your perspective.

  • Your brand name will no longer be visible or searchable online. All the content will be brought down (more on this later).
  • Deleting/deactivation significantly reduces the risk of someone operating like you. There are malicious entities out there, who might want to benefit from your hard work.

You should also note that Instagram has a policy when it comes to deleting/ deactivating your account. Once you have deleted your account, you will be unable to get it back and nor will you be able to use the same username. On the other hand, if you had deactivated it temporarily, you can activate it anytime. There is also a caveat for those who are considering taking the deactivation route. Instagram only allows your account to be disabled for only one week. Remember, one week.

What next for those considering coming back?

We recommend using the deactivation option. After all, you will have built quite a reputation using that particular username. In most cases, users will want to come back and use the same account. Their key concern will be how to revamp their old account.

Here are a few options that the professionals at SimplyGram can suggest to you:

  • A complete makeover of their bio. The username can be retained it was optimized and meet particular objectives. The who, value statement and also the call to action might have to be reconsidered.
  • A change in profile pic will be required.
  • Add of a link in your bio will be highly encouraged if not done so already.
  • Significant increase in your traffic. Apart from posting high-quality content, what is also recommended is the use of top, trending hashtags frequently.
  • To bring back your visibility to what it was, you might need to send a shout-out to a top customer/client or collaborator. This will spread the news faster than you are back with the living.

Many want to take a hiatus from Instagram but are wondering how exactly to go about it. You can contact the Instagram professionals at Simply Gram. They can help you make an informed decision that will meet your needs.